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Bleaching Earth

Bleaching earth is a swelling clay with chemical formula AI2Si40IO(OH)2. It is called swelling clay because it swells greatly in water. The absorption capacity is two to seven times its volume. The absorptive properties of these clays are enhanced by treatment with mineral acid to increase the surface area and pore volume prior to washing, drying and milling to get the desired particle size distribution.

We are into manufacturing of highly active bleaching earth and even produce equivalent to Tonsil grades. Our product is widely accepted in Edible and Non-Edible oil refining, lubricants, Vanaspati Industries, refining of vegetable and animal oils and fats, mineral oils, paraffins and waxes.

Product Application

  • The absorbent capacity of the bleaching earth removes the impurities and unwanted matter, such as coloring substances (carotenoids), soaps, proteins and others found in oils and fats.
  • In refining of edible vegetable oils and fats, specialty oils and fats such as fish oils and fish oil concentrates, typically Omega-3 fish oils, EPA & DHA.
  • In petro chemical industry, utilized in the BTX process and biodiesel industry.
  • In refining of vegetable oils and animal fats for human consumption.
  • Foundry
  • Oil well Drilling (Drilling API OCMA Grade)
  • Civil engineering and pilling
  • Iron ore palletizing
  • Paper
  • Cat litter
  • Electrical Earthing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Detergents

Product Application